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 Gm Application

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PostSubject: Gm Application   Sat Jun 28, 2008 5:36 am

Hello this is all the things that you need to know about my relationship to Ragnarok Online

Real Name:
Jorel Bautista

In Game Name:
JoReL , Assasiner , OutlawzRule (most known as JoReL)

Philippines (but im living here on Ireland)

Apply GM Position:
Chief Event GM

I've been playing ragnarok since September 2003 so thats 5 years. i was playing ragnarok since it was first day out.

Time Playing On RO Private Servers:
5 Years

Activeness On VickRO:
Well it depends. In Weekday i'm not that active like im active every weekends. In weekdays i log on for about 1-8 hours and in weekend im log on for about 1- 19 hours

Languages Spoken:
Tagalog, English, Irish

Reason For Applying:
I like to apply to be gm to this server because i enjoy playing and staying here. I also like to help all people who need some answers to their question and i think i could do that. I also like to help the gm and admin because i know that many people asked them questions. I also like to doing some fun events such as guess the password, dice events,pk event, etc. I also like to make this server fun and i want to see people smilling when they logged off their account and not to disappoint for their time played here in VickRo.

My other Specialties:
Well im good at making things on photoshop. Im good at football Very Happy

I hope all you enjoy reading my application and i hope that the admin give me one chance to make people here on VickRo happy just like me because im always happy Very Happy.

I appreciate your time reading my application instead of playing the game . THANKS ALOT

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Gm Application
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