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 Resitances Guide (Not a Build But A Guide To Help!)

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PostSubject: Resitances Guide (Not a Build But A Guide To Help!)   Mon Jun 23, 2008 1:42 pm

What is resistance? -- Resistance is a build where you attempt to

weaken your opponents damage by reducing the damage received

from the various elements.

If you reduce damage, how come everyone doesn't use it? --

Resistance cant block every element at once, and a power build is

generally easier to get the hang of. Also, if they do find your element,

you might not survive if your not fast enough to switch.

Theres are 2 kinds of resistance builds

Demi Human/ Medium reduction - This is basically thara frogs, a

beret, combat knife, a platinum shield. This is a

good choice because you reduce the damage no matter the element,

but its not as effective as a elemental resistance build, but it is easier.

Elemental resistance - This is the most popular build. You use

various headgear and garment cards to reduce damage from the

headgear resistance cards
Lieb Olami - 10% Fire

Giearth - 15% Earth

Permeter - 15% Shadow and undead

Leaf Cat - 10% Water

Giant Hornet - 10% Wind

Garment cards
Raydric - 20% Neutral

Hode - 30% Earth

Jakk - 30% Fire

Marionette - 30% Ghost

Marse - 30% Water

Dustiness - 30% Wind

Isis - 30% Shadow

Myst - 30% Posion
Here are the most common armor cards
Angeling - Enchants armor with holy [-100% Holy, +200% more damage from shadow]

Evil Druid - Enchants armor with undead [-100% Shadow/Poison, +150 more damage from Holy]

Ghostring - Enchants armor with ghost [-75% Neutral, +125% Ghost]

How do I use resist?

Just try to get at least 70-80% resistance to as many elements as possible for best results. More advanced players get 100% to some elements and the elements they are weak to, they keep garments or armors hot keyed if they start to get hit, because if your missing every hit, doing 1s, or they don't seem to be taking damage, it means they're 100% resistant to your elements and your only healing them.


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PostSubject: Re: Resitances Guide (Not a Build But A Guide To Help!)   Mon Jun 23, 2008 11:26 pm

Angeling is 125% from dark(doesnt say abaut shadow u can get owned with poison)
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Resitances Guide (Not a Build But A Guide To Help!)
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